Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Snappy Grace: Savor the Love

Repentance. Absolution. These concepts are already ridiculously obscene in our culture. After all, if I'm admitting wrongdoing, I'm admitting that I deserve something I don't want. If I receive absolution, I'm expressing that there's something actually wrong with me. How much more oppressive can we get?

The problem is I--and you--have plenty we're guilty of. Plenty we ought to confess day in and day out. That's scandalous. But not half as scandalous as the fact that the Holy and Immortal God hears that confession and pronounces a radical absolution to me. I'm set free.

But more than that, I'm loved. Seriously, if I can acknowledge my sin and then be pronounced forgiven and somehow miss the memo that something much more serious than laws of nature, or "mechanical operations of divine relationship"or whatever other message you think you can slip in there. It's love. Plain and simple. Scandalous, free, limitless, one-way love. And it's more than okay to just receive it.